Marketing with Emotion

We’ll take care of the 1st impressions
Connecting your buyer to your property

In real estate, just as in life, first impressions can make all the difference.

We are emotional creatures. 
Don Norman, the Godfather of Emotional Design, breaks down our emotions into 3 categories. His insights apply perfectly to the art of marketing real estate. He understands that the decisions we make are rightly informed not by rational or practical considerations in isolation: there is no point buying a house that is close to work, or has a nice sized bedroom, if it doesn’t make you happy.

He Identifies:

The Visceral – The immediate impact, the innate response to a thing. In a home this could be the setting, a tree, the colour of a wall, the light through a window. 
Behavioral – How we use something: is it intuitive? How does the house flow, what are the things that feel good as they’re used? The smoothly sliding drawer, the craftsmanship of detail.
Reflective – The marketer has the least control of this, as very different reflections can be triggered by the same thing, but it can still be used as a guiding principal.  The reflective is about a person’s story, and stories that are triggered by objects.  If we can in any way help the buyer imagine themselves reflecting in the space – imagine themselves living and interacting and creating memories, then we’ve succeeded.

Get your buyer hooked – involve them in the property in that instant – and give your agent the best shot at a great result.

This focus on emotion is not manipulation. It’s about understanding the way people work.

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