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Once more with feeling...

Buying a home is a huge commitment, yet the studies show that buyers often make a decision in a moment. How can this be when there is so much to weigh up in that purchase? The answer is simple: because the decision is rarely rational. People decide with their gut instincts and their heart, and where the heart is concerned, first impressions make all the difference.

The first part of the real estate marketing battle is to get your buyer to click on your property – there must be something they see that helps it to stand out from the crowd.

Good real estate photography is not about about describing your home, it’s more about the feeling of the place, it’s about getting the buyer to fall in love. The first step is to have great photos, photos that capture something of what it’s like to live there.

Add to this the power of video – for immersing people in the feeling of a property. For telling a story about the place they’ll live and what the region can offer.

Marketing with emotion

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It’s often easy to make a million dollar property look fantastic. The trick is finding the special things in the everyday. When you choose a real estate photographer, don’t just look at the their portfolio pics and videos they present, have a look at the photos for the most challenging properties: you’ll learn more from their worst photos, than their few best that you see on their website. We pride ourselves on making the absolute best of every property, no matter how grand or otherwise, and finding a special something a buyer will love.

The video below is the most recent that we posted to our youtube channel (and we post them all), and below that is our flickr gallery, where we post not the “best” real estate shots, but the ones that have something else going on as well – something pleasing that’s a bit different.

The art of real estate photography

Whenever we shoot a property we are looking for the most engaging striking image. There’s no formula for doing this, and there’s no substitute for taking some time, and looking. Sometimes a shot will present itself, it’s might not be a typical real estate shot but we’ll often add these are extras – and often adventurous agents will use them. Many of these we post to flickr, the most recent are below.