Preparing Your Home

Mow the lawn!
Oh what a difference the home prep makes to the final photos! It can't be overstated.
Ask your agent to be brutally honest, and think about getting help if it’s too much to take on.

In real estate, just as in life, first impressions can make all the difference.

A Quick Summary:

• Mow the lawn!
• Tidy up the front yard
• Get rid of clutter and personal effects
• Make your bed like a ninja
• Tidy up the house like the queen is visiting
• Sunshine is very good! Are we able to
• reschedule if it’s cloudy or raining?
• Is it all too much? Ask us about cleaners
• that are photo-shoot savvy!
• Great! Now go away 🙂 You’ll get the best job if you leave us alone, to get on with it, and get in the zone!

Tenanted Homes

We always try to be as respectful as possible to the tenant’s right to privacy. Shooting the inside of a Tenanted home needs to be negotiated with the Tenant.
Having personally been on both sides of this equation, the offer of a rent reduction is often excellent motivation to get the place as neat as possible, and gives the tenant some quid pro quo. Real Media will work with your agent to get the best possible outcome.